DIY: Baby Shower Gift Bouquet

My mama and me are going to a baby shower in a few weeks.  As we were choosing items from the baby registry, we saw a set of adorable baby socks and our creative minds started churning … we decided to make a baby sock bouquet!

This DIY baby sock bouquet is simple to make and it can be used as a gift or as a centerpiece for a baby shower party.

All the supplies used were purchased from our local dollar store, with the exception of the socks, for a total cost of $12.50. (We bought name-brand socks, but you could use baby socks from your local dollar store and make the gift for as little as $4.50)

Baby shower gift bouquet materials

Quick tip:

  • As you roll the socks to create the rose, it is best to make sure the heel part of the sock is at the top part of the rose. Doing so will create dimension, mimicking the center of a real rose.

Baby shower gift bouquet final

Happy savings … and remember to have fun!




6 Supplies You Should Have in Your DIY Party Planning Kit

To start, or continue, your journey in becoming a DIY party planner, I encourage you to put together your own go-to party planning kit.

Planning an event will be stress-free if you plan appropriately and save time by having the right supplies handy when you need them.

I have found these six supplies useful in every party planning situation – especially for last minute projects.

Party Planning Supplies Infograhic (2)

Here are some ways I personally use these must have party planning supplies:

  1. Colored Paper: I design and print my own tent cards for guest seating or to label buffet-style food.
  2.  Scissors: My favorite brand of scissors to use are CUTCO. I use them for everything, even to prep food.
  3. String / Ribbon: I have ribbon in various colors and sizes. On holidays I will make large fabric bows and tie them on my kitchen cabinet doors.
  4. Colored Markers: When I am short on time or run out of printer ink to make my banners or tent cards, I always have my supply of markers as back up.
  5. Tape / Glue: The three main adhesive products I use regularly are clear tape, E6000 glue, and a hot glue gun.
  6. Thumb Tacks: I use tacks to hang my banners by tying the string end of each banner to each tack and pushing the tacks into the wall at the distance needed – easy peasy!

What other supplies do you have in your party planning kit?


Happy savings … and remember to have fun!